Think-Tank & Research


We have conducted a number of influential research projects and policy counseling on issues surrounding the establishment of a new Chinese rural cooperative medical system, the urban medical assistance program, the performance evaluation index of the health care system, the establishment of medical groups, mobile health services and e-health systems. We are collaborating with academic institutions and government healthcare sectors to conduct studies on aging as well as community-based research on chronic disease prevention.



mHealth, Public Health & Primary Care Delivery

To conduct research projects and policy counseling by the utilization of mHealth to improve primary care service, chronic disease management, and public health.


China Aging Well Initiative

To conduct applied research, provide practical advice, and evaluate implementation strategies to stabilize the social environment, coordinate multiple-section cooperation, encourage participation of social organizations, and improve the health status of the growing aging population.


Modern Population Research & Disease Prevention

To facilitate collaborations among academic institutions and healthcare sectors on modern population studies, including precision medicine, cohort study, design and implementation of non-communicable disease prevention strategies.